When your hair stylist does not have the
skills to answer basic questions about hair
loss or your doctor can't give you the
answers you need...

...it's Time to Call Hairoots!

#1 Question you should ask when it comes to hair loss...

What is causing me to lose my hair?

Hairoots has the expertise, training and innovative technology to give you the answers you need.

Do you want to know the "root cause" of your hair thinning problem? We can give the answers you need to help solve your hair loss problems.

We use proven techniques that work.

We consider all aspects and possible causes of hair loss including underlying health conditions, as well as, what is being done to the hair cosmetically. During each consultation our innovative technology help identify the "root causes" of your hair loss.

We combine up-to-date technology with organic and herbal extracts that eliminate the damaging effects of hair loss thereby, rejuvenating healthy hair follicles. When using customized scalp and herbal treatments, customers are able to enjoy the results of beautiful, healthy hair, free of damage and scalp related problems.


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